At Khan Mather, we understand the significance of proposed legislative changes and their potential impact on your property investments. Recently, Michael Gove has put forth a bill aimed at reforming the landscape of leasehold properties in the UK. This proposal is generating significant interest and raising questions among homeowners and property investors alike.

What is the Proposed Bill About?

Mr. Gove’s proposed bill aims to abolish the creation of new leasehold properties in England. The bill intends to provide a sense of ownership and stability to homeowners by eradicating leasehold agreements for future property developments, ensuring that new houses are sold as freehold by default. This move seeks to curb unfair practices often associated with leasehold arrangements, such as escalating ground rents and onerous lease terms.


Potential Impact on Property Owners

For current leaseholders, it’s crucial to note that this proposed bill primarily focuses on future developments. However, it could have broader implications for the property market. Existing leaseholders might wonder about the effect on their own properties, including potential changes in property values and legal rights.

Navigating the Transition

Should this bill come into effect, transitioning from the existing leasehold structure to a freehold system might involve legal complexities. It would likely require navigating legal procedures and negotiations with freeholders. As your legal advisors, we aim to provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout this transition period, ensuring your rights are protected and your interests secured.

Understanding Your Options

For those considering property investments or contemplating leasehold agreements, this proposed bill signals a shift in the property market landscape. Exploring alternatives and understanding your options—such as freehold properties or shared ownership models—becomes increasingly crucial in making informed decisions about your future investments.

How We Can Help

Our dedicated team at Khan Mather is committed to keeping you informed and empowered amidst these potential changes. We’re closely monitoring the developments regarding this bill and are ready to offer tailored advice to suit your individual circumstances. Whether you’re an existing leaseholder, a prospective property investor, or a developer navigating this evolving legal terrain, our expertise and guidance are here to assist you.


Michael Gove’s proposed bill represents a significant potential shift in the UK property market, aiming to bring fairness and transparency to property ownership. While the implications for current leaseholders remain uncertain, being well-informed and seeking legal guidance becomes increasingly essential.

At Khan Mather, we’re dedicated to providing you with the support and legal expertise needed to navigate these changes smoothly. Feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your specific situation and explore your options in light of this proposed bill.